has developed the time keeping system XRS for the orienteering and ski sections in Sundbybergs IK (SIK).


Each year SIK organizes a competition that is called "Ursvik XTreme Trail" (formerly "XTreme Running"). XTreme, that is carried through in Ursvik and stretches over 15 km in maximally hilly terrain, usually consists of 7 events that are spread over the year with a final race in the autumn.


SIK also organizes a race called Ursviksjoggen which also works as the final race for XTreme Running.


has adjusted XRS to make it possible to support also this race with its different classes.


Be welcome and visit SIK's home page about Ursvik XTreme Trail to read more about the races.


The Time Keeping System XRS, where XRS stands for "XTreme Race System", is a system that handles all the result data within the different races. Today it contains the two components "XRS Tracker" and "XRS Timer".


A new component is under development that is called "XRS Runner". It will contain all data about runners over the years and in that way it may be used for example when preparing to send out information to all runners about new events.


Following are some examples of functions in the Time Keeping System XRS:


  • Prepare/Update race data.
  • Create new, update and merge runners.
  • Create and/or remove event tabs.
  • Print or create a file with result data.
  • Fetch time keeper data from "XTreme Race Timer".
  • Tracing and presenting best runners and age classes.

Below is a key picture that shows the Tracker component:


The picture below shows the Timer component that registers start number and time via a bar-code reader:


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