To secure high quality in the applications that are produced,


has developed a system that enables the use of TDD principles when creating Excel applications.


TDD or test driven development is a concept that broadly means that first of all you create a test that fails. After that you write the code that is required to get the new component to work.


Finally you may carry out something that is called "refactoring". That simply means that you rewrite the code to make it better in some way. E.g.: faster, more reuse of existing code or just more clear and therefore easier to grasp.


During the whole development process you, in principle, run all previous tests to make sure that the new component doesn't introduce something that results in any failure in the existing code.


The test driven module for Excel is written as a separate application that can be connected to the workbook that is to be developed and tested. The application is among other things developed to support the XRS system and can with relatively simple means be adjusted for other systems.


When running the application you can choose to either run all tests or just select the ones you are currently interested in. The result from running the tests is shown summarized in the window where you run the tests as either a green OK or a red ERROR. In the tab "TDD Result" you can then check more closely what possibly went wrong.


Below a picture is shown from the tab where you create your tests and after that one a picture from the window where the tests are run.


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