Focus for


is to help customers with everything that is demanded for in IT.


That may contain all the way from simple solutions in Excel or Word to a complete installation from start to finish.


After close to 20 years in the trade,


has the experience required to propose well-founded solutions for most everything requested. In such situations


can also take into account existing systems and requests for future development.


MDAB has the knowledge required to develop, introduce and install systems in most areas that normally are of interest for small to medium sized companies. Besides that


can also help really big companies with solutions that might even be implemented worldwide.


Examples of areas:

  • MS Office and Open Office.
  • Web for different environments and complexity levels.
  • System development in both Java and .Net environment.
  • Project Management
  • Networking
  • Open Source
  • Mail
  • Hosting
  • ...

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can help Your Company.

Satisfied customers is the alpha and omega for